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Established in 2015, Los Alamitos Lice Removal and Torrance Lice Removal are family owned by Scott and Marlene Weiss.

Our clinics have been recipients of numerous awards over the years and we have been featured on major media outlets including: Univision Los Angeles, CBS LA, South Bay Daily Breeze, South Bay Today Radio Show, KFIAM 640 Los Angeles, Seal Beach Sun, and the Los Angeles Times.

A head lice infestation can be frustrating, time-consuming, stressful, and heart breaking but it does not have to be.

We exist to take care of your problem today in a relaxing, stress-free environment.  Our number one goal is to turn what can be a very stressful event in your life into a pleasant and memorable customer service experience for your entire family.

Relax. We Got This!

Under the leadership of Southern California resident and twenty one year healthcare veteran Marlene Weiss and twenty five year business executive Scott Weiss, our team includes highly trained, certified head lice technicians focused on delivering the highest standard of care for professional head lice removal so you and your family can get back to your lives LICE FREE!


We would like to thank you for the opportunity to be part of your family.

We have been married for 21 years and  reside in Seal Beach and have three children ourselves: ages 15, 13, and 11. And yes, all 3 of our children have had lice multiple times over the years so we know exactly what you are going through.

Marlene is a true medical professional and highly educated. She has twenty one years of medical experience in the Southern California region and holds a Doctorate of Nursing from The University of San Diego, a Masters Degree in Nursing from UCLA, a BS in Nursing from Cal State Fullerton, and a Nursing  AA Degree from East Los Angeles Community College.   Marlene was born in Guatemala and moved to the United States in 1979.  She grew up in South Gate and is bilinguel.

A native of San Francisco, Scott has over 25 years of business experience in the Southern California region and holds a Masters of Business Degree from California State University, Fullerton and a BS Degree with a concentration in Banking, Finance, and Real Estate from San Francisco State. Scott moved to Southern California to pursue his masters degree in 1994.

In February, 2015 our family returned from a trip to Guatemala and discovered that four of us had head lice and lots of it!

Marlene was 41, Scott was 43, and our oldest child was 12 at the time yet none of us had ever head to deal with lice before in our entire lives.   So we did what most parents do. We went to CVS to buy over the counter product full of chemicals because the box said it ends lice.

We put all the product in our hair (we had to buy two bottles) and Marlene spent several hours trying to comb the kids out by herself only to find that not only did all three of our children have lice but Marlene had it too!   Scott tried to comb-out Marlene’s hair but soon realized that dad’s are not that great when it comes to treating head lice. The kids  kept screaming and crying the whole time, itching for days, and missed several days of school. Marlene missed several days of work. Even though she had an outstanding medical background, Marlene could not solve the problem herself and it was impossible to comb out her own hair.  We hated the idea of putting chemicals in our children's hair, hated the idea of missing work, missing school, and all of the stress of the kids screaming at the same time while we tried to comb out their lice.

Our Los Alamitos location opened in August 2015 and our Torrance location opened in August 2016. Our two locations have successfully head screened or treated families representing over 850 different schools and 125 different cities throughout Southern California.   We view ourselves as an Emergency Room for head lice. Our mission is to turn what can be a very stressful event into a pleasant family experience that is actually enjoyable and the standard of care for head lice treatment.

We support the communities we serve through lice education, lice head screening, lice treatment, community involvement, and donations of our services back to the communities we serve.

We exist to make a difference in the world. We allow children, parents, and families in our community to have their lice infestation solved right away and to sleep well at night.

We provide a clinically proven, evidence based service that is chemical free, stress free, and that can end your lice infestation in about 1 hour so you can get back to your lives.

Lice never happens at a good time and no one every wants it but we are here to be part of your family when the time comes.


Under the leadership of Scott and Marlene Weiss, our team of highly trained Certified Head Lice Technicians has a combined 25 years of head lice removal experience and have successfully head screened and treated over 15,000 families. We are committed to provided your family with the highest level of service.

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